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The Fresco Water Villa in stunning Sigiriya, Sri Lanka is one of the leading villas in the country, and is extremely popular with both knowledgeable locals and curious tourists coming from each angle of the world. Its peaceful surroundings, stylish interior, delicious cuisine and one-of-a-kind amenities make the Fresco Water Villa a real gem where Sri Lankan accommodation is concerned. If total rest and relaxation is what you are looking for on your holiday, the Fresco Water Villa is sure to be the ideal vacation spot for you.

Hotel Facilities

The Fresco Water Villa provides guests with an array of facilities, but one aspect of the hotel that guests love more than anything is the large, spacious pool surrounded by beautiful palm trees and natural beauty of all sorts. The pool is situated right outside the doorsteps to the villas, meaning that guests do not have to travel far to take a morning dip. Plus, the sun loungers are ideal for sunbathing. This modern hotel also has a help desk, always equipped with a helpful member of staff that will answer any queries you may have, whether it be about the actual hotel, or what the local area has to offer.

Hotel Accommodation

Rooms at the Fresco Water Villa are not only modern and stylish, but are equipped with spacious balconies to give you the best views you could ask for. The deluxe rooms reflect a new and updated yet elegant and traditional feel, combining a mixture of local culture and luxury accommodation. Rooms come with free WiFi access to keep in touch with the world, a built-in safe for extra safety, air conditioning for hot days, generous room service and a TV with 45 channels to choose from. Guests are usually very fond of the Bed & Breakfast service – the unique cuisine of the hotel only uses fresh and organic ingredients, and are all prepared by expert chefs.

Places to visit

Although Sigiriya is not the busiest city in Sri Lanka, it is still packed with plenty of interesting places that tourists can visit during their stay. Fans of history are guaranteed to be satisfied – Sigiriya is ancient and full of tales, and is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Head to the Ancient City of Sigiriya, or Lion’s Rock as it is also known, to gain an insight into what the city used to look like. These ruins were built by King Kassapa I many years ago. Alternatively, you can visit the Sigiriya Museum, where history is preserved and explained to outsiders perfectly.

Hotel activities

Not only is Sigiriya a historical mecca, but it is also a hotspot for culture and wildlife, too. A great place to go to find out about any activities due to take place is the Centre for Eco-Cultural Studies. Here, tourists can choose from a selection of tours each focusing on something different: wildlife in the area, shopping, local customs and culture and more.

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